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B Sharps  Jazz  

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Who we ARE?

We are a small Non Profit dedicated to

  • preserving Jazz music

  • supporting Jazz Musicians

  • Educating the public about Jazz

  •  and presenting Jazz Music

We are located in Tallahassee, in an incredible space for Acoustic music. 

The Historic National Register, Woman's Working Band House is our home Performance Space and live-recording Venue.  




UpDATE  Jan 30, 2023

Dearest Patrons:
We will be temporarily closed for performances.  We will be doing maintenance on the building as the restoration was 14 years ago ... I know right... and it needs some attention.  We are thankful to have received a Federal Grant to make these improvements to the original building.

We are also grateful to have received funding to add some new features.  As you know, I've been talking about the Frenchtown Youth Orchestra Project since 2015.  We will be involved in the build out space for this project.  We are planning a really wonderful space to accomodate the project.  We will be including various ways to support the project and those spaces will also be constructed.  

We hope to finish everything by the Fall of 2023.  Please keep you fingers crossed that all goes well. 

See you in a few months!

Clarence and Gerri


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