B Sharps  Jazz  

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Who we ARE?

We are a small Non Profit dedicated to

  • preserving Jazz music

  • supporting Jazz Musicians

  • Educating the public about Jazz

  •  and presenting Jazz Music

We are located in Tallahassee, in an incredible space for Acoustic music. 

The Historic National Register, Woman's Working Band House is our home Performance Space and live-recording Venue.  




Whats New?

Well, this Covid has given us a run for out money.  But we are still here.  And we've been missed.  Our musicians have asked us to PLEASE open up!  They want to play where people listen.  They want to be able to get back to our listening room.  We are thankful that they know and appreciate the difference.   

WE wish to respond to their requests accordingly.  We will be a concert space.  We will have refreshments, but we will be true to our purpose.  Musicians and Music.  Any thing else is a distraction, and quite frankly, we are not interested in being another restaurant or bar.  We want to be a Listening Room. 

If nothing else, this Pandemic has taught us to be who we are.  It's that which prevails.  

See our performance page for Dates and online tickets.